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Email marketing is for everyone.
But every brand needs it’s own strategy.

Email marketing is for everyone.

But every brand needs it’s own strategy.

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There is no secret.

We’re just a team of email-obsessed nerds. We’ve perfected the “basics” and continually implement new, modern strategies into the work we produce.

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Some Of Our Hard Work

Big And Small Brands – We Don't Discriminate!

Case Study #1

$121,042 monthly revenue

from email marketing

Antler Farms

Antler Farms® is a renowned producer of premium dietary supplements. They offer products across categories like strength, endurance, libido, detox, immunity, and more. In just a few months, we helped them build automation flows and a consistent campaign schedule that generates 60%+ of their monthly revenue via email marketing alone.

148% increase in email revenue

Since the brand only had the basic automations in place, Blossom was able to boost results astronomically.

Consistent Monthly Email Campaigns

We helped them create a campaign calendar that engaged subscribers, increased loyalty, and drove conversions.

Higher Engagement & Deliverability

We implemented the correct segmentation, allowing us to achieve a 50%+ open rate and 2%+ click rate via email.

Case Study #2

70% of revenue

for sustainable yoga brand


4-rth is a Los Angeles-based eco-friendly yoga brand. Committed to environmental responsibility, 4-rth uses sustainable fabrics like Modal and Tencel, derived from responsibly farmed trees. The brand prioritizes high-quality, functional garments over fleeting fashion trends. We helped them establish their email marketing platform from scratch. As a result, we generated 70% of their monthly revenue.

We built their entire email marketing

From scratch. When 4-rth came to us, they weren’t taking advantage of this marketing channel. We helped them change that over 3 months.

Beautiful designs and on-brand copy

Sustainable customers prefer to be spoken to in a specific voice. We matched 4-rth’s brand vibe and crafted stunning designs and copy that converts.

70% of email marketing revenue

In just 3 months, we helped increase their email marketing revenue from 0% to 70%, implementing robust flows and consistent campaigns.

Case Study #3

$677,830 in revenue

for a subscription-brand


OwlCrate is a subscription box service catering to book enthusiasts. Born from a dream in a basement suite, OwlCrate has evolved into a sensation in the Young-Adult book community, swiftly outgrowing its initial operations and relocating to a Portland-based fulfillment center. OwlCrate’s journey has included notable highlights, such as features in the New York Times and participation in prominent book festivals. 

We built their flow automation system

OwlCrate didn’t have a proper flow setup. They were performing well with their campaigns, so we created their flows which led to a significant increase in revenue.

Custom, on-brand designs that shine

OwlCrate’s subscribers are fantasy book lovers. Creating a design that resonated and captured the attention of their customers was a top priority.

Churn and cancellation reduction

We built specific flows that prevented customer churn, won back subscribers who canceled their subscriptions, and nurtured existing customers.

Case Study #4

Complete Klaviyo Setup

for venture-backed startup


Rythm is an intimate wellness brand striving to harmonize the connection between the female body, mind, and spirit. Committed to fostering deep self and partner connections, Rythm champions thoughtfully curated products and content. The brand is rooted in three core values: fostering genuine connection, embracing pleasure by tackling inhibiting factors and celebrating inclusivity across body types, genders, abilities, religions, and cultures.

Email marketing channel setup

Rythm advertises through several marketing channels but lacked proper email marketing flows and campaigns. We helped them establish their Klaviyo.

Top and bottom of funnel acquisition

Not having a bottom-of-funnel customer acquisition system can be a big-budget burner if you’re spending top-of-funnel paid ad revenue. We fixed that for them.

Boosted confidence in their investors

A robust email marketing channel is as important as any other marketing channel. With their new Klaviyo setup, Rythm can enhance investor confidence.

Case Study #5

Direct-To-Consumer Launch

for a New York retail brand


BluBlonc is a luxury shoe brand for women, emphasizing quality, style, and authenticity. The brand is synonymous with craftsmanship, providing shoes that offer both comfort and fashion-forward designs. Each pair embodies the brand’s ethos: quality that resonates, style that endures, and comfort that never compromises. Before our partnership, they focused mainly on retail and wholesale. We helped BluBlonc expand its DTC channel.

Expanded their DTC sales channel

BluBlonc came to us in an effort to expand its sales channels beyond wholesale and retail. We helped build their DTC email marketing system via Klaviyo.

Luxurious designs and on-brand copy

BluBlonc’s target customers enjoy a luxury feel, look, and sound. We crafted copy that resonates with their market and gets them to convert.

37% of email marketing revenue

With proper flows and campaigns in place, we were able to generate 37% of BluBlonc’s revenue via Klaviyo email marketing.

Case Study #6

End-to-End Klaviyo Launch

for highly-regulated brand


Vapeshack is an online retailer of quality vape products. They carry popular brands like JUUL, SMOK, and Flum Vape to various vape juices and devices. Because tobacco and cannabis companies are highly regulated for online advertising, most companies often resort to Klaviyo and email marketing as their only source of marketing revenue. We helped Vapeshack maximize its revenue via email marketing.

Avoiding blacklisting with meticulous copy

Regulated brands and markets require carefully written copy that avoids blacklisted words and spam-filter triggers. We made sure to avoid both.

Visually appealing emails that convert

Vape customers are generally flavor-driven purchasers. Creating emails that display colors, fruits, and an appetite-inducing effect is essential.

29% increase in Klaviyo revenue

In just 60 days. After implementing strategic flows and consistent campaigns, we saw their revenue and repeat customer rate increase.

Case Study #7

$145k Event Launch

for Miami Swim Week brand

Breezy Swim

Breezy Swim is a Miami, FL-based brand. Their mission is about female empowerment, for women to feel confident in swimwear, regardless of age or body shape. Breezy Swim caters to all shapes and sizes inspired by women globally. They asked us to help them launch their third Miami Swim Week event. In just five months, we generated over $145k in revenue for the brand and helped their 2023 show result in a complete, sold-out success.

Multiple email flows to nurture their models

Not only were we tasked with having over 300+ models sign up for their event, we also made sure to nurture them every week leading up to the big day.

Product-focused designs and copy

Breezy Swim is all about female empowerment – we made sure all their subscribers felt confident, beautiful, and seen every time they read our emails.

Over $145k generated in just 5 months

Over 300 model signups for the day of the event were acquired — a record-breaking turnout for the Breezy Swim team resulting in over $145k in Klaviyo revenue.

Case Study #8

Full Email Marketing Setup

for nationwide men's clinic


EHormonesMD is The Nation’s Leading Anti-Aging Clinic for men, specializing in hormone and testosterone replacement therapy. With over 30 clinics nationwide, they struggled to diversify their customer acquisition from paid Google Ads. We helped them create an entirely new email marketing channel that brings in revenue for the brand, while nurturing their existing customers and promoting the benefits of a healthy balanced hormonal system.

Medical-specific copy and design

Hormone therapy requires in-depth knowledge of the treatments EHormonesMD provides. We produced medically in-tune copy that sells.

Highly regulated market and services

Hormone therapy is a medical service highly regulated by advertising platforms, much like tobacco and cannabis. We knew exactly how to handle it.

Elevated branding and design

Premium photography, extensive customer & product research paired with benefits-driven copy, and clear call-to-actions contributed to our success.

Case Study #9

6% → 32% Klaviyo Revenue

for dropshipping ecom brand

Crimson and Clover

Crimson and Clover makes Vintage Inspired Tees, Accessories, and Home Goods. They are a California-based online boutique featuring a rebellious spirit and attitude mixed with a bit of punk rock, goth, glam, horror, and Halloween-inspired designs. They are a one-woman shop that operates as a dropshipping print-on-demand hybrid ecom model.

Spooky, cute and on-brand designs

Crimson and Clover has very unique customers. Creating designs that were on-brand and resonated with their customers was a top priority.

From $2k to $10k revenue per month

When Crimson and Clover started working with us, their flows and campaigns weren’t performing. We helped 5x their Klaviyo email marketing revenue.

Custom branding and dynamic emails

Dropshipping brands generally have lots of products in their catalog. Creating emails that cater to their customer’s viewing history & behavior was critical.

Case Study #10

Complete Klaviyo Setup

for service-based business

Alpha Lion Auto Detailing

Alpha Lion Auto Detailing is a service-based business comprised of professional auto detailers specializing in Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Scratch Removal, and many types of car & boat detailing services. They wanted to stop relying on paid traffic as their primary source of revenue and to increase repeat customer rate and customer lifetime value. Because they’re a high-replenishment-rate brand, building an email marketing system was the logical thing to do.

Custom flows for specific services

Because they offer an array of services, building specific flows for each service helped Alpha Lion generate more revenue over a longer period of time.

Up-sell cross-sell flows built to increase MRR

Customers who purchase a standard car wash might not know about the benefits of their premium services. We helped educate them and increase LTV.

Increased brand trust, authority and reviews

Having a full-fledged email marketing system helped Alpha Lion increase their brand reputation, local market share, and customer reviews.

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